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Business owners or senior managers use Australian Lease Management because of their unique ability to analyse and fix problems.
Our extensive experience within the commercial lease and real estate environment ensures we achieve the best results for our clients every time.

Australian Lease Management is a professional services real estate company, providing independent advice to corporate, private and government businesses (for landlords, tenants, developers, vendors and purchasers).

A need was identified in 1993 to provide tenants and landlords with professional, well-researched and unbiased advice on all matters which relate to real estate. Since then, Australian Lease Management has grown to represent clients small and large across Australia and has earned an outstanding reputation by achieving client’s objectives no matter how difficult or complex they may seem.

We strive to build long term relationships with our clients by gaining a clear educated understanding of their business, their needs and their objectives. Only then can we do the best for them.

Brian Scarborough - Director

Brian founded Australian Lease Management in 1993 after a very successful career in the private sector. His qualifications as a valuer along with 40 years’ experience within the real estate industry results in a unique skill set that is sought after by clients Australia wide. His ability to sit back, analyse a situation and then provide an efficient and concise solution, makes Brian a great asset to anyone needing guidance or advice. From land tax objections to retail chain national rollouts, Brian’s ability to continually get results has earned him a reputation second to none.

Not only successful in work life, Brian also excels both on the bike (mountain) and pounding the pavement. He remains extremely active and enjoys the camaraderie these pastimes bring (and is still just a little competitive.) A strong believer in work/life balance, he manages to also be a devoted husband, father and grandfather to an ever-growing Scarborough clan.

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Mark Raphael - Director

Mark began his work life under the wing and tutelage of his father in the family’s successful retail business. It was here where he was taught the many aspects of retail life and more so the importance of pursuing excellence. With over 20 years’ experience owning and running his award-winning retail outlets, he was also responsible for the expansion of his businesses with lease negotiation being a pivotal component. This was where he first met Brian. Mark not only managed his own businesses, but was also involved in an advisory capacity for a national retail group.

Mark joined the Australian Lease Management team in 2008. His clients greatly appreciate his deep understanding of business due to his past experience and his ability to find solutions to their most challenging problems no matter what the challenges are.

His football days are long gone but he continues to try and hold back the years by running marathons and competing in triathlons including completing 2 Ironman events. The great conversations and numerous coffees with the training crew are said to be enjoyed just as much as the arduous activity performed.

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Margaret Scarborough - Finance Manager

Margaret has been involved with Australian Lease Management in many capacities from the very beginning and now plays a pivotal role as our finance manager. Her vast company knowledge and attention to detail ensures our firm’s administration runs like a well-oiled machine. Margaret's leadership and friendliness within our office creates an enjoyable working environment.

Giles Benton - Consultant

Giles is highly regarded for his strength of his commercial acumen in many facets of commercial real estate. His expertise encompasses commercial real estate asset management, real estate investment management, market research, lease negotiation and corporate real estate advisory.

With over 11 continuous years' experience in commercial real estate, Giles’ skill base covers a range of commercial real estate including investment management, pre-purchase due diligence, lease negotiation and formalising lease documentation, corporate real estate management, capital works forecasting, budgeting and cashflow projecting, development feasibility evaluation.

Giles also holds a Registered Land Agent's licence (RLA), which allows him to legally deal in leasing and selling land and is also a certified Asset Manager.

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Kathy Zanker - Office Manager

Kathy joined Australian Lease Management in 2005 and is primarily our clients’ first point of contact. Her warmth and friendliness helps our clients feel at ease from the very beginning. Kathy is involved within many facets of our business, from reception tasks to heading up our accounts team. Her efficiency and organisational skills as office manager ensure the smooth running of our office, from day to day operations, developing administrative procedures and ensuring good communication between all staff members.

Mary Castellucci - Consultant

Mary joined Australian Lease Management in 2020 after working across many areas of Commercial Real Estate over the years. She has experience in dealing with clients at a corporate level while also having the understanding, care and empathy when working with small independent retailers. Mary started her career working in franchising and retail property, progressing to working in shopping centre management, and has been involved in all aspects of lease negotiation and property project marketing giving her a very well rounded skill set within the commercial property market.She enjoys and thrives in the areas of communication, market research and analysis and lease negotiation. Driven every day to help all clients by way of a practical and collaborative approach ensuring a creative and effective solution.

Her vivacious personality has been a welcome addition to our team. When she isn’t working, Mary is the official Uber driver, Chef and jack of all trades for 3 busy and soccer obsessed teenagers. Mary is looking forward to a quieter lifestyle (and a lot less driving) as her boys become more independent.

Kate Allan - Admin support

Kate joined Australian Lease Management in 2021. With a strong administration background, Kate is a welcome addition to our team to assist in the day to day running of the office. Kate is a busy mother to two young boys and a big fan of AFL (Port Power). Her friendly and bubbly nature ensures our clients have a positive experience every single time while making our office not only an effcient workplace but more importantly, an enjoyable environment.

Jude Scarborough - Consultant

As a property valuer and consultant, Jude draws upon his experience and knowledge he has gained in valuation, property taxation and data management roles held in state government over a 30-year period. Having experience in the interpretation and change of government policy and legislative as well as experience in business process improvement, he has the skills to assist clients resolve property related issues as well as matters involving interactions with government.

Linda Christian - Consultant

Linda’s experience in commercial real estate commenced over 30 years ago and during that time she has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in many varied capacities. She has a wide background in shopping centre management, and holds the CSMA (Certified Shopping Centre Manager of Australia) qualification. Her ability to empathise and understand client’s issues has gained her an excellent reputation. Linda joined Australian Lease Management in 2004 and with her in-depth understanding of shopping centres, has given great guidance to both tenants and landlords.

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Angel Bodie – Property Manager

Equipped with an impressive and well-rounded skillset, Angel has spent well over a decade working in the real estate industry. Angel is friendly, diligent and dependable with a passion for planning and organisation which encompasses spending countless hours learning new skills to bring to our company.

Angel’s extensive experience, coupled with some supersonic admin abilities, means our property management clients receive exceptional service and peace of mind knowing their investments are always in good hands. Angel constantly goes above and beyond to ensure top service is delivered to all our clients. Angel wears her heart on her sleeve, but don't be fooled, she has the ability to negotiate with the best of them and ensures guidelines and procedures are followed precisely by all parties.

In her spare time, you can find Angel reading, spending time with her husband and two beautiful children, travelling with her girlfriends and immersing herself in personal development.

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