Property Management

As property managers the first responsibility is to be open and honest to the property owner.

As property managers the first responsibility is to the property owner. However, property management in effect governs the practical day-to-day relationship between the property owner and the tenant. Appreciating the needs of both parties is usually the best method of ensuring longer term benefits to either and both parties.

Each property can be considered to be a small business requiring careful monitoring to maintain equilibrium. To achieve this we have established diary, accounting and financial systems that demonstrate quickly and accurately the well being or otherwise of the property and importantly, each lease associated with the property.

We take the time to manage all aspects for property owners and unlike some of the major firms, we have the time, knowledge and experience to maximise the property’s potential. Due to our extensive knowledge of the market, we understand what rents can be achieved and often provide landlords with strategic planning to ensure good tenancy mix and sustainable uses.

Australian Lease Management believe in a philosophy of retaining and nurturing good tenants which in turn reduces vacancies and maximises income.

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“I used to look after things myself with my properties as I wanted to save money but the ALM Property Management team have taken away the stress and it was the best thing I ever did. I wish I did it years ago”