Strategic Advice

We have seen it all and frequently find efficient, unique solutions for our clients.
This comes on the back of great strategic advice and sound implementation.

Understanding Objectives

We believe the only way to achieve the best result possible for our clients is to take a holistic view of a client’s situation and address their total needs, both now and for the future. Only by understanding what clients value the most, their objectives as well as their challenges, can we then consider the best possible action for them. We take time to delve thoroughly into our client’s business to fully understand its strengths and weaknesses and then work with them to form the best plan of attack. It would be naive to expect to achieve the best result for our clients if we didn’t fully understand their business and its objectives. The team at Australian Lease Management pride themselves in becoming valued and trusted advisors to our clients. Our ability to understand their businesses and provide unbiased astute advice often leads to us becoming an integral part of their business for the duration of their business life.

Creative, Effective Outcomes

With many of our clients, Australian Lease Management acts as an independent advisor. The vast experience we have gathered dealing with landlords and tenants alike for over 30 years has provided our team with extensive knowledge and strategies to enable great results. Whether it be planning a group expansion, opening a new shop or office, analysing business viability with regard to rent affordability, exiting or early lease surrender strategy, our team has the experience and understanding to help achieve the desired results. Sometimes the end goal may require a long-term view to achieve the best results possible and we are there with our client for the long run. We work side by side with clients firstly analysing their individual needs and then building and implementing the correct strategies.

Unbiased Sounding Board

Our billing structure is consciously designed to ensure every piece of advice provided is in the best interest of our client - not simply to be paid for completing an inferior deal. In fact, some of our best and most valued advice to our clients has been “don’t do it”. We understand the emotions and pressures involved in owning and running a business and Australian Lease Management deliver an unbiased sounding board to our clients that provide them an honest and sometimes confronting point of view. It has been said by a few of our long-term clients “Australian Lease Management is the best and cheapest business partner I have involved in my business. I seek their advice whenever required even if it is once every few years and their advice is always invaluable.”

“To be able to pick up the phone anytime and talk over a problem with someone without an agenda is invaluable. Mark will always shine a different light on things to make me consider the best course of action – which sometimes is not the most obvious.”

Tim Payze - Star Pharmacy Group

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